Our Camp

The tents merge seamlessly with the surroundings and are equipped with modern facilities necessary for comfort, a bedroom and veranda with attached bathrooms, flush toilets, and running hot & cold water to give you a relaxed camping experience.

Twin Sharing Tents
Group Tents
Dormitory and Camping Tents
Camping Tents

Accomodation and camping

Uneasy for those not familiar with peace and tranquillity, clean and pure air, a surrounding forest, the open sky, the sun, the moon and stars and waking up to the call of birds and sleeping to the of chirp of crickets and the croak of frogs.

No familiar city noises, pollution, and bustle
No familiar swarming crowds of people
No bustling neighborhood
No streetlights
No buildings, malls, and pubs
No television
No internet